Sunday, April 24, 2016


Thanks to the blog Scouting LA for this screenshot from the first episode of the 1968 season of "Dragnet" that included the Studio Theatre, 13126 Ventura Blvd.  Joe Friday and Bill Gannon are there to investigate an acid-pouring crime. 

Joe Pinney advises that "You see the shot above in the prelude to the episode, although it's described as a movie theater near the intersection of Olympic and Western, which is why you don't see the top half of the Studio's marquee (since it's nowhere near Olympic & Western). It's available to watch for free on Hulu.

See the 2015 Scouting LA post about the Studio Theatre "When Your Local Barnes & Noble is in a 30s Art Deco Movie Palace" for many great interior and street views.

See our Studio Theatre page for more history of the building. 

The Lake Theatre is seen in a "Dragnet" episode as we look east on 7th. St. Thanks to Walter Santucci for the screenshot, originally a post on the LAHTF Facebook page.

See our Lake Theatre page for more on the theatre. It was at 2118 W. 7th St., across from MacArthur Park. It opened in the early 20s and ran into the 60s. The building is still there with the theatre space used for retail.

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