Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"The Legend of Lylah Clare"

 We get a quick look at the Paramount/El Capitan marquee at the beginning of Robert Aldrich's "The Legend of Lylah Clare" (MGM, 1968).  He, of course, includes this shot as a plug for his earlier film "The Dirty Dozen," released in June, 1967 and still playing when "Lylah" was shot. In "Lylah" the main interest is the Chinese, where they come back for a big premiere.

Kim Novak pays a visit to the Chinese in "Lylah Clare." The film is a sordid satire of Hollywood with Kim Novak playing no-good star Lylah as well as the actress Elisa who stars in a biopic about her years later.

Looking east on Hollywood Blvd. past the Chinese in "Lylah Clare."  We also take a look over at the El Capitan where, of course, another Aldrich film is playing. The Chinese is running "In The Heat Of The Night."

Back at the Chinese for a premiere 20 years later in "Lylah Clare." The marquee reads "Elisa Campbell as LYLAH CLARE - FILM STAR  A Barney Sheehan Production." Peter Finch guided Lylah's career as well as directed the pic about her that gets the premiere.  He was involved with both Kims: Lylah and Elisa.

 Looking into the forecourt on premiere night in "Lylah Clare." It's a hit - which is a surprise to those  of us watching the movie get made. Elisa had died during the filming, seemingly possessed by the dead star she's playing. But Finch got the scene in the can.

We get a fine view of the Chinese auditorium by cinematographer Joseph Biroc in "Lylah Clare." That's Peter Finch all alone after being told off by his producer Bart Langner, played by Milton Selzer.

The booth we see on the main floor (and the revised seating) reflect the 1958 remodel for 3-projector Cinemiracle. Note the big ports on either end of the booth where mirrors were used to bounce the image onto the extreme right and left sides of the huge screen employed for the run of "Windjammer."

Thanks to Kurt Wahlner for all the photos. His main interest is the Chinese as you can see by visiting his Grauman's Chinese website.

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