Monday, May 30, 2016

"Against All Odds"

The Avalon gets a starring role in Taylor Hackford's "Against All Odds" (Columbia, 1984) as Jake's Palace, a nightclub owned by James Woods. The film also stars Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward.

James Woods at the bar at the back of the main floor of Jake's Palace.

A shot at the main floor bar.

A look up the main lobby stairs in "Against All Odds." This entrance
 into the auditorium from the landing is a recent modification.

A view supposedly from Woods' office looking down onto the stage.

A street view of the Avalon as Jake's Palace in "Against All Odds."

Another street view from the film.

The building, at 1735 Vine St., opened in 1927 as a legit theatre called the Hollywood Playhouse. Later, among other names, it was a TV studio called the Hollywood Palace. It's now a music club called the Avalon. See the Hollywood Playhouse page on the Los Angeles Theatres website for more history and many photos.

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