Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"All Hands On Deck"

Veteran projectionist Mike Schleigel advises that we get to see the Palms Theatre in "All Hands On Deck" (20th Century Fox, 1961).  He should know: it was one of his favorite theatres to work in for years.

The film, directed by Norman Taurog, is a musical starring Pat Boone, Buddy Hackett, Barbara Eden and Dennis O'Keefe. Boone gets four songs including "You Mean Everything To Me." The story revolves around a navy captain obsessed with catching a fish and an executive officer (Boone) wanting to get married. "All hands on deck... for the song-and-fun hit of '61!"

The theatre, at 3751 Motor Ave. in the Palms neighborhood (near Culver City), is no longer with us -- it was demolished in the late 80s. See our Palms Theatre page for a few photos.

On IMDb: "All Hands On Deck"

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