Thursday, September 1, 2016

"45 Minutes From Hollywood"

In the Glenn Tryon two-reeler "45 Minutes From Hollywood" (Hal Roach Studios, 1926) we get a very brief shot just west of Wilcox which gives us a look at the Iris Theatre on the right. The film, directed by Fred Guiol, revolves around a young visitor to Hollywood who, when seeing a bank robbery in progress, thinks it's a film shoot.  Also in the cast, in addition to Tryon, are Oliver Hardy and Charlotte Mineau. It's included on disc 6 of "The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy" collection.

Thanks to Chris Bungo, silent film location expert, for the screenshot. He has it on both the Photos of Los Angeles and Vintage Los Angeles Facebook pages. Here we're on a tour bus seeing the Hollywood sights. Don't miss the video Chris did of the filming locations in his eleven minute "then and now" epic on YouTube.

The Iris is seen here with "What Fools Men" (First National, released September 1925) on the marquee. That film starred Lewis Stone and Shirley Mason.  The theatre, at 6508 Hollywood Blvd.,  opened in 1918 and was re-branded as the Fox in 1968. It's now a nightclub. See our page on the Fox Theatre for more information and photos.

On IMDb: "45 Minutes From Hollywood"

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