Thursday, October 6, 2016


Doris Day outside the theatre in Frank Tashlin's "Caprice" (20th Century Fox, 1967) getting ready to do a bit of industrial espionage. Note that the theatre is also running a movie called "Caprice" starring Doris Day, an oddity that is left unexplained.  Ray Walston and Richard Harris also join in the fun.

Doris Day taking a seat in the balcony in "Caprice." Note the re-done side wall paneling and the beige drapes. Much of the theatre's ornate Spanish style decor was "modernized" in the 50s.

She gets into a fight with Irene Tsu and Michael J. Pollard in the balcony and falls over the edge and lands on a main floor patron below.

In the extreme lower right corner of the view above you get a bit of the curve of the beige curtain that enveloped the whole front of the auditorium -- all the way around to the front of the balcony. It was installed as part of the renovations for the 1956 TODD-AO run of "Around the World in 80 Days." Also note the new "modernized" treatment of the balcony soffit.

A look over the edge after the fall. 

Doris Day between shots outside the theatre. See our page on the now-lost Carthay Circle Theatre for photos of the building and lots of its history.  

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  1. FYI....CAPRICE was released in 1967, not 1976.

    1. Thanks for catching that, Koop. Much appreciated. I fixed it here and also on the Carthay Circle page.