Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Final Curtain"

We see the outside of the Dome Theatre in Ocean Park in Ed Wood's "Final Curtain" (1957). The theatre was closed at the time -- and getting gutted to become part of the pier area's makeover -- Pacific Ocean Park.

Thanks to Brooklyn-based theatre historian Cezar Del Valle for spotting this one. The 22 minute film was done as a pilot for a projected TV series that never happened. We do get lots of interior views but they were shot at the Forum Theatre, 4050 W. Pico Blvd.

A Forum Theatre proscenium view from "Final Curtain." No, that's not the original proscenium. It's a revamp evidently done after the theatre had closed as a film house and was doing a few legit shows.

A chandelier view at the Forum.

There are also views backstage and in the lobby at the Forum. The film is available for viewing on YouTube. The plotline has something to do with a vampire haunting a theatre after the last performance of a horror-themed play.

See the pages on the Forum Theatre and the Dome Theatre (or rather theatres -- there were two locations) for photos and history.

on IMDb: "Final Curtain"

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