Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Final Curtain"

We see the outside of the Dome Theatre in Ocean Park in Ed Wood's "Final Curtain" (1957). The theatre was closed at the time -- and getting gutted to become part of the pier area's makeover -- Pacific Ocean Park.

Thanks to Brooklyn-based theatre historian Cezar Del Valle for spotting this one. The 22 minute film was done as a pilot for a projected TV series that never happened. We do get lots of interior views -- but of what theatre it's hard to tell as it's all so murky. It's possible some shots are of the Dome's auditorium but it doesn't seem likely.

A proscenium view from "Final Curtain." It's unknown where
 it was shot -- but it doesn't look like the Dome Theatre.

A chandelier view. Again it doesn't look like a match for the Dome.

There are also views backstage and in some lobby somewhere. The film is available for viewing on YouTube. The plotline has something to do with a vampire haunting a theatre after the last performance of a horror-themed play. See our page on the Dome Theatre (or rather theatres -- there were two locations) for photos and history.

on IMDb: "Final Curtain"

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