Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Hollywood Cavalcade"

Alice Faye plays Molly Adair, who gets an Egyptian Theatre premiere of her first talkie "Common Clay" as the film-within-a-film in "Hollywood Cavalcade" (20th Century Fox, 1939).  The feature is in Technicolor -- this image above is from a lobby card. Thanks to the Egyptian for posting it on the Egyptian Facebook page in 2012 when they ran the film.

We actually get a better look at the entrance here than we do in the film itself.  But the film, about early Hollywood, does give us a peek in toward the entrance as it was in 1939 and a view of a Bedouin patrolling the theatre's rooftop. "Hollywood Cavalcade," directed by Irving Cummings (with uncredited work by Buster Keaton), also stars Don Ameche, Buster Keaton and Al Jolson.

The crowd coming out of the Egyptian.

A frame from a quick pan up the facade.

One of Sid Grauman's famous Bedouins patrolling the roof.  He was just up there for the film. At the time of the shooting the theatre was operated by Fox West Coast and rooftop patrols were a thing of the distant past.

See our pages on the Egyptian Theatre for a history of the building along with many photos.

Too bad when the film was released it didn't play at the Egyptian. It  had a premiere at the Four Star on Wilshire Blvd. This shot is from Fox Movietone News coverage of the event that is included on the DVD of the film.

Thanks to Eric Lynxwiler for this view of the "Hollywood Cavalcade" premiere at the Four Star. It appears in the LAHTF photo pool on Flickr.

The poor theatre is no longer around. Demolition was in 2014. See our Four Star Theatre page for many photos.

On IMDb: "Hollywood Cavalcade"

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