Friday, November 4, 2016

"Number, Please?"

 Harold Lloyd, trying to capture a missing dog in "Number, Please?" (Pathe, 1920), crouches down beside a concrete embankment that we see (in another shot) helpfully tells us we're on W. Seaside Way -- which puts us in Long Beach. We're looking east and in the distance on the left is the mansard roof of the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium.

A continuation of the scene filmed on Seaside Way -- the dog has found him. This original Municipal Auditorium was demolished after they built a new one in 1932. See our Long Beach Municipal Auditorium page for information on both buildings.

The film features seaside locations in Long Beach, Venice and Ocean Park for a tale of a guy trying to win the heart of a girl who's paying too much attention to a rival. Directed by Hal Roach and Fred Newmeyer, it also features Mildred Davis (as The Girl) and Roy Brooks (as The Rival).

Another Long Beach shot -- on The Pike, again looking east.   The dance hall nearest us on the left was originally a roller skating rink. Just beyond is the Strand Theatre. Way in the distance is the side wall of the Jergins Trust / State Theatre Building. Later in the 20s this view would be blocked by construction of the Ocean Center building at the west end of The Pike.

After the dog down The Pike. 

Coming back in the other direction. See our pages on the Strand Theatre and the State Theatre for information about those two now-vanished Long Beach theatres.

A shot in Venice looking west on Ocean Front Walk -- the beach is behind the buildings on the left. The big structure in the distance on the left with the sloped roof is the Venice Plunge. Just this side of it we get a rare view of the California Theatre.

Another shot from the scene in Venice. The theatre, here seen in its opening year, was later renamed the Venice. See our listing for the Venice Theatre on the Venice and Ocean Park Theatres page for several more views.

We've had some great Ocean Park shots earlier -- but not featuring theatres. At the end of the film Harold is on the beach and, looking north, we get a view of the Pickering Pleasure Pier just south of the Santa Monica city limits. So, we're actually in Venice. Note the stagehouse of the Rialto Theatre, a venue that was earlier used as the Rosemary Theatre -- the third of their five locations.

Another shot near the end. At the far right note a portion of a dome -- with part of the letter "D" visible. It opened in 1916 as a dance hall --  two years after this film shoot it became the Dome Theatre. It all burned in a 1924 pier fire. See our pages on the Rosemary Theatre and the Dome Theatre for lots of information on the multiple locations using those two names.

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