Friday, December 9, 2016


Steve Martin goes to the Fox Westwood Village Theatre for the premiere of "Chubby Rain," his film-within-a-film in Frank Oz's "Bowfinger" (Universal, 1999). Martin plays Bobby Bowfinger, a broke and untalented director, trying to get a film made featuring star Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) -- with out Kit knowing about it.  A bit of blackmail with some footage they've caught involving Lakers cheerleaders persuades Ramsey to finally participate.

Pulling back a bit to show us more of the theatre's entrance.

Bowfinger and his team at the entrance doors looking at the approach of Kit Ramsey. On the right is Carol (Christine Baranski), an actress in his film.  At the left is the accountant turned screenwriter for the film.

Action star Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) walking down the aisle with Daisy (Heather Graham). She's slept her way up the chain of command in Bowfinger's team (and then snared Ramsey) as she learns the business and figures out who can expand her role in the film. They get to sit in the VIP section.

Sorry, no seating in the reserved section for Bowfinger and his gang -- an usher takes them down front.

Heading to the the last remaining seats -- in the front row.

A nice group of seats from which to admire the Skouras-style sidewall decor.

"These are pretty good seats, aren't they?" asks Bowfinger.

Checking out the program.

The film-within-a-film begins.

Carol in a scene filmed in a garage without Ramsey's knowledge.  She admires his skill -- "It looked like real fear."  They'd put high heels on Bowfinger's dog to produce sounds to convince Ramsey he was being stalked by an unseen assailant.

Everybody's happy -- like an ideal Christmas scene in a film where everybody got exactly what they wanted. Daisy gets the rich film star, Bowfinger gets his career launched again, the car wash guy becomes a cinematographer, the accountant sees his screenplay produced.

The house after the film concludes. See our page on the Fox Westwood Village, now known as the Regency Village Theatre, for a history of the 1931 venue along with many photos.

The website Silver Screens also has a page on "Bowfinger."

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