Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Hero and the Terror"

The Wiltern Theatre is featured as (would you believe?) the Wiltern in the Chuck Norris thriller "Hero and the Terror" (Cannon/Golan-Globus Productions, 1988). The mayor comes to the grand opening of the restored theatre and grouses that he had to spend $14 million of city money to get the job done. He doesn't know yet that Simon Moon, a killer known as "The Terror" is hiding out there.

A starlet at the grand reopening heading for the balcony ladies room. She won't  be seen again.

A look at the balcony ladies room.

 The access panel in the balcony ladies room wall where the ladies have been disappearing into.

Chuck Norris and his girlfriend arriving to investigate.

She heads to the ladies room but decides to hold it when Chuck frantically comes up the stairs.

One of several nice lobby views we get in "Hero and the Terror."

It's a treat seeing seats on the main floor. The film spends a LOT of time in the 
theatre and it's a nice document of the look between the 1985 restoration and
 2002 when the seats got pulled out and the floor terraced.

Another main floor view.

A look at the rear of the house. This guy is supposed to be
 watching out for the killer. It doesn't go well.

A side wall view -- our watchman is running laps to occupy himself.

It doesn't end well for our watchman.

A view toward the back of the house from "Hero and the Terror."
We know the killer is in the theatre somewhere and we're on the search.

A look out an auditorium ceiling hatch for the killer. We get a
fine run through the attic but it's not really the Wiltern's.

Restroom investigations.

A fine look down from above.

Spelunking in the exhaust fan area adjacent to the booth.

Another "peek out the ceiling port" view.

We spend lots of time in an attic but it's not the Wiltern's. Here, though, 
it's a real view down to the seats. No longer -- the floor has been terraced 
with no permanent seating any longer.

A race along the upper balcony lobby to get to the attic one more time.

An exterior view near the end of the film after Chuck arrives on the scene again.

A nice look up at the signage -- and the fight on the roof.

We get a fine attic tour in "Hero and the Terror" but it's not at the Wiltern. 
Our killer is finally dispatched by falling through a skylight and then through the 
theatre's ceiling. Sorry, there are no skylights in the theatre's attic.

Our killer meets his doom -- the fall into the auditorium.

See the main Los Angeles Theatres page about the Wiltern Theatre for more about the building and shots from other movies filmed there.

On IMDb: "Hero and the Terror"

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