Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Bumping Into Broadway"

The filming locations for "Bumping Into Broadway" (Rolin Films / Pathé, 1919) are detailed in John Bengtson's fine article "How Harold Lloyd Filmed Bumping Into Broadway."  the 25 minute film also features Bebe Daniels.  Here, in this screen shot from John, we're in front of the Trinity Auditorium at 855 S. Grand Ave.  The film got a new restoration and appears with the Criterion Blu-Ray edition of a 1928 Lloyd film, "Speedy."

The "Broadway" in the title isn't the one in Los Angeles. Although filmed in L.A., the movie is set in New York.

Another shot from "Bumping Into Broadway." Again thanks to famed silent film detective John Bengtson for the image.  This one appears with his article "How Charlie Chaplin Filmed 'The Bank'."

Thanks, John! See our page on the Trinity Auditorium for more about this 1914 vintage building.

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