Saturday, April 9, 2016

"The Majestic"

Hey, let's fix up an old theatre! Martin Landau and Jim Carrey are looking at the rundown Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena in "The Majestic" (Warner Bros., 2001). Well, almost. It's actually a set inspired by the Egyptian interior of the Rialto.  Thanks to Escott O. Norton for the screenshot. He has three more nice ones as a post on the Friends of the Rialto Facebook page.

He commented, when it was suggested that this would be a good film to show at the Rialto: "I take this movie very seriously, it is a story about the community coming together to re-open a beloved theatre! The fact that the interior is obviously based on the Rialto makes it even better! I agree, a screening IN the Rialto would be perfect!"

Head to our page on the Rialto Theatre, a 1925 design by L.A. Smith, for many photos of the real thing.

Grauman's Chinese also makes an appearance in "The Majestic," mostly via studio sets. The film, directed by Frank Darabont, also features Bob Balaban, Hal Holbrook, Jeffrey DeMunn and Laurie Holden.  Carrey plays a young screenwriter in Hollywood in 1951 who, after an accident, wakes up in a sleepy northern California town that needs a bit of rejuvenation.

On IMDb: "The Majestic"

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