Monday, May 30, 2016

"Maidens of Fetish Street"

We get some nice night views of the Follies, 337 S. Main St., in "Maidens of Fetish Street" (Cameo Pictures, 1966) including this nice look up the vertical. The film is also known as "Girls on F Street."

Another Follies view. "After a burlesque stripper arouses his 'tormented desires,' Nick heads for The House of Fetish - where his idea of romance is to have a hooker pour molasses & ants over his head." Head to our Follies Theatre page for more photos of the 1904 vintage theatre, in its final decades a much revered burlesque house.

A fine view of the signage of the Art Theatre, 551 S. Main St. See our Art Theatre page for more about the theatre, demolished in the 80s.

A peek at the entrance of the Galway, 514 S. Main St. See our page on the Galway Theatre for more about the venue.

A big thanks to Beaudry including these screenshots from the film in his Noirish Los Angeles post #29000. Visit Something Weird Video for more about the film.

On IMDb: "The Girls On F Street"

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