Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Knight Of Cups"

We spend a lot of time in and on top of the Palace Theatre in "Knight of Cups" (Broad Green Pictures, 2015. Here we get a look over the edge at the Los Angeles Theatre and a deserted Broadway.

The film is a wide ranging meditation on death, family and relationships crafted by Terrence Malick. It stars Christian Bale as Rick, a screenwriter we never quite see working, and Brian Dennehy as his cantankerous old father, Joseph. Numerous women in Bales' life surface at one time or another for various degrees of happiness or trauma including Cate Blanchett, Frida Pinto, Natalie Portman, Teresa Palmer and Isabel Lucas.

Christian Bale on the roof of the Palace. The film gives us lots of voiceover musings: "Can't figure your life out? Can't put the pieces together? A pilgrim on this earth. A stranger."

See the many web pages on the Los Angeles Theatres site about the Palace Theatre, a 1911 vintage vaudeville house, for lots of history and photos. Also see the pages on the Los Angeles Theatre, the most ornate of the Broadway movie palaces.

Another night Palace roof shot -- this one from the photo collection for the film on IMDb

We're on 7th St. looking west with versions of Bale and Dennehy from decades past. It looks like they're planning a fishing trip. "You're always doing it. Pretending everything's OK." Down at 7th & Hill we get a fuzzy view of the Warner Theatre.

We move from the roof to an undisclosed location for another scene. But we're still in the Palace building. It was shot in the Palace office building's 5th floor studio space.

Another 5th floor studio shot -- this one from IMDb.

A look at one of the lower office floors in the Palace office building. It's used as the office building where Bales' father, Brian Dennehy used to work. 

Trying to get in the front door of, presumably, the building where Dennehy once worked. We're rattling the doors and banging. Here we're in the ticket lobby of the Palace.

Another shot in the ticket lobby only this time we're out near the roll-down door at the sidewalk.

Trying the doors again.

Another angle looking out toward Broadway.

Is this supposed to be a theatre that Dennehy owned? Unexplained. In any case, he's ranting as he paces the stage. With a little bit of fog for effect. All curious.

Another stage shot.

Leaving the building. We're in the exit passageway north of the theatre, pointed toward the alley.

Back on the Palace roof for a daytime scene, for some reason. Here we have a view south toward the State Theatre at 7th and Broadway. The musings: "You think when you reach a certain age things will start to make sense. Then you're just as lost as before..."

A Scene near the end of the film on Western Ave. -- after many wanderings. We're looking south with a view of the Wiltern Theatre at Wilshire and Western.

On "IMDb: "Knight of Cups."

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