Friday, September 15, 2017


We get a look at the Million Dollar Theatre, 3rd and Broadway, in a big cruise down Broadway during the opening credits of Dennis Hopper's "Colors" (Orion, 1988). It's all downhill after that. The credit sequence can be seen on YouTube.  The film stars Sean Penn, Robert Duvall and Maria Conchita Alonso.

The Palace Theatre as seen in "Colors." The theatre, at 630 S. Broadway, opened as the Orpheum in 1911

The State Theatre at 7th & Broadway also gets a cameo in the opening sequence.

We also get a glimpse of the Broadway Theatre, 428 S. Broadway. See the pages about the Million Dollar Theatre, State Theatre, Palace Theatre and Broadway Theatre for more data and many photos of each of those venues.

On IMDb: "Colors"

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