Friday, November 3, 2017

"Coyote Ugly"

We're supposed to be in New York City in David McNally's "Coyote Ugly" (Touchstone Pictures, 2000) with Piper Perabo and Adam Garcia but here we are in the alley off 6th just north of the Los Angeles Theatre.

The signage has been tweaked to say "East Broadway Theatre" on top but if you look closely in the middle it says "Su Teatro Los Angeles." The side exit is being used as the entrance for the Fiji Mermaid Club.

See the pages about the Los Angeles Theatre on the Los Angeles Theatres site for a history of the building and many photos.

The Tower Theatre at 8th & Broadway is subbing for the Bowery Ballroom, a New York City venue. Here Piper Perabo's coyote friends are at the rear of the main floor coming in to see her perform near the end of the film.

 Piper Perabo performing on stage at the Tower.

Another performance shot at the Tower in "Coyote Ugly."

See the Los Angeles Theatres pages on the Tower Theatre for a history of the 1927 vintage film palace along with hundreds of photos.

On IMDb: "Coyote Ugly"

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