Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Save The Tiger"

We get the bottom half of the vertical of "Loew's" (as the El Capitan was known then) in this hazy night view as Jack Lemmon heads east on Hollywood Blvd. in John Avildson and Steve Shagan's "Save The Tiger" (Paramount, 1973). See the El Capitan pages on the Los Angeles Theatres site for more about the theatre.

A look north on Hill St. as Jack Lemmon leaves a cab to head into the Fabulous Mayan. His business is in trouble and he's there to consult with a gentleman in the balcony on a plan to set a fire in order to collect the insurance money.

A shot giving us a view of the south readerboard.

The area south of the entrance.

A discussion outside the Mayan with Jack Lemmon and his business partner Jack Gilford.

Buying a ticket.

Heading into the lobby.

A look at the theatre's balcony level lobby.

A detail shot for the theatre architecture fans.

Gilford and Lemmon enter the balcony to confer with their arsonist.

Another balcony view.

See the pages about the Mayan Theatre on the Los Angeles Theatres site for many photos of the 1927 vintage former legit house. The theatre, at 1038 S. Hill St., is now thriving as a music club.

On IMDb: "Save The Tiger"

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