Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Near the beginning of Mark Steven Johnson's "Daredevil" (20th Century Fox, 2003) we see the Olympic Theatre, 313 W. 8th St., dressed up as a New York City boxing arena. Note that that the brick walls on either side of  the main entrance are just set dressing to hide the existing storefronts.

A shot later in the film featuring the Olympic's vertical. Note the process work to include a few New York City buildings. 


At the end of "Daredevil" we pan down to the Olympic Theatre as a rose falls from above. See the pages on the Los Angeles Theatres site about the Olympic Theatre for more information about the building. It's a 1927 L.A. Smith design now used for retail.

Here in a shot from the featurette about the making of "Daredevil" we see a night setup on the roof of the Arcade Theatre, 534 S. Broadway. Across the bottom of the photo are (from left) the Roxie Theatre (518 S. Broadway -- with stagehouse visible), the flat-roofed Cameo Theatre, (528 S. Broadway) the Arcade Theatre (with fake water tower on the stage roof), and the Arcade Building.

In the film we get lots of  New York rooftop action with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and others. Much of that was done on Broadway, especially with setups on the roof of the Arcade Theatre and the adjacent Arcade Building (540 S. Broadway).

See our pages on the Roxie, Cameo and Arcade theatres for a history of each along with many photos.

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