Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Too Soon To Love"

In the 1960 Universal-International release "Too Soon To Love" we get Jennifer West and Richard Evans on Main Street. They're looking for an abortionist. Here we're in front of the Galway Theatre, 514 S. Main St. Note the very bottom edge of the illuminated "Galway" letters just above the "open all night" banner. 

Another shot of the Galway from " Too Soon Too Love." Check out our Galway Theatre page for more about the venue. The building is still around but the space the Galway occupied is no longer a theatre.

Our explorations include this shot of the Banner Theatre, 458 S. Main St.  The film, directed by Richard Rush, was also known as "High School Honeymoon."

Another view of the Banner from the film. The theatre opened around 1910 and was running into the 70s. It later got demolished -- there's a new building on the site. See our page on the Banner Theatre for more information.

On IMDB: "Too Soon To Love"

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