Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Ethan Hawke and a coworker go to a fancy restaurant/nightclub in the lobby of the Los Angeles Theatre, 615 S. Broadway, in Andrew Niccol's "Gattaca" (Jersey Films/Columbia Pictures, 1997).   Later Hawke returns on a date with Uma Thurman. The French Baroque splendor of the club is quite a contrast to the austere settings of the rest of the film. Note that great 70s carpet on the stairs.

The image is from Columbia Pictures and appears on the site Thanks to Jonathan Raines for finding it. Jonathan also spotted the film on where they discuss the use of the Marin Civic Center as a location.

The film is set in Gattaca, a city in a perhaps not too distant future where the characteristics of your genome determine the position in society. The film also stars Jude Law in his first major appearance. Also featured are Tony Shalhoub and Alan Arkin.

Ethan Hawke and a coworker. 

A lobby ceiling view upon a return visit.

The date with Uma. 

 A dance in the Los Angeles Theatre lobby. All the screenshots are from Columbia Pictures and appear on the page about "Gattaca." 

See the pages about the Los Angeles Theatre on the Los Angeles Theatres site for lots of data and hundreds of photos. The theatre opened in 1931, a design by S. Charles Lee. 

On IMDb: "Gattaca"

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